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Welcome! This is cleartarn's first newsletter. We are a local web development company where service and results really do matter. Try following us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube or sign up to our newsletter and we hope you will be able to pick up some tips and helpful information to improve your web presence. You won't get useless information or third party advertising from us - just help!

So what's different about cleartarn web sites? The sites we produce are designed to allow users to easily modify the page content and are coded to be compatible with the greatest number of browsers. The result? cleartarn sites really do work from a search engine (SEO) perspective and are designed to bring more customers. We believe that a website is a vehicle to bring you more business - not just an online brochure.

Here are just a few of the extra things we do:

  • Spell check - every page and pdf download
  • Verify check - every hidden title, meta description and metatag
  • Link check - every link on your site
  • SEO analysis - applying data hooks for the search engines
  • Code validation - to meet W3C standards

These things make a real difference to your website and the ability of search engines to index your website content.

So how does your website stand up? You can take a look at your own site metatags and validate the code following the simple instructions in the links below. We think you will be disappointed with your own site's hidden features - most sites rate poorly on these simple tests and any hidden spelling mistakes do even more damage to your business. If you would like us to do this analysis for you, just let us know, we will provide the information free of charge.

cleartarn websites are different and we will implement the features that you need to drive new customers to your site! Remember, these tests are just the start of things. You may not feel that your business should use social media, but even the most traditional business to business products and services organisations can gain real competitive advantage whilst minimising the risks of the damage that social media can produce. Talk to us and we will help you develop and implement a strategy appropriate to your business.

You may not be ready to renew your website just yet, but if you click on the links above and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube or sign up to our newsletter and we will give you lots of interesting ideas which might be useful for your business. You can also see the full range of services we offer by visiting the cleartarn website and see a demonstration content managed site containing many of the standard modules which can be added to a website on the cleartarn demonstration website.

Quality Check Your Website

There are lots of web development tools and even more companies who produce websites. So with SEO rankings, do I or don't I use flash, plus all the conflicting advice available, how do you check how good your website is or how good the websites of your website company are?

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the current 'in thing' for web sites? So what is it and is it important?
Search Engine Optimisation is a series of tasks some of which only need to be done once through to an ongoing series of activities to position and maintain a brand.

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Creating Metatags

The title of your web page carries the most importance with search engines. Don't waste this by using something like "Home"! The title metatag should be below 60 characters and include your most important keywords first, if you have a company trademark or trading style then you might want to add this to your description and keywords list too.

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Content Management Websites bring control to your pages.

Our content management systems (CMS) allow the website data and background functionality to be separated from the site's look and feel, allowing you to add and modify content in full knowledge that future changes to the style and design can be done without losing the content created.

eCommerce means business

Our eCommerce solutions range from dozens to thousands of products with a range of payment and deliver options and features such as stock control and customisable delivery options. We can also create EBay shop sites to give even greater exposure for your products.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

All of our solutions are built around the need to provide the information search engines need to properly list and rank your site. So whether it is a CMS website or eCommerce platform we build in the tools to ensure your data and pages are presented to search engines in the most effective way.

Design is the key

Our database driven CMS system has a range of standard applications and a variety of standard features providing a flexible easy to use system. Modules can be customised where required, or new 'bolt on' applications rapidly created to suit your business needs.

Latest Systems a few recent website solutions

Let's Work Together we bring creative business solutions

Tell us what you need!

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"Our aim is to provide the best value website creation, search engine optimisation and customer service available". cleartarn

With a wide range of expertise developing IT solutions in a variety of businesses cleartarn has first hand experience of the impact that properly designed and implemented systems can bring to businesses. Our aim is to make your IT investment pay by generating more business.

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