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CMS Modules - News System

The news system integrates with the cleartarn content management system. Using news systems allows you to create fresh content for your website and because of the flexibility of the system news items can be categorised and sub categorised to aid searching.

Latest news articles can be collected and displayed anywhere on the site. There is also the option to create randomly sorted news articles which appear when a page is loaded. That way each time a page is visited different news articles are presented.

The news system has an archive capability and flags can be set to create highlighted articles. News articles can contain links to other pages, images, text etc. The system is ideal for creating product information pages or news about your organisation - anything which your users may find of interest!

As well as being able to create short lists of latest news etc. anywhere on the website, the news system normally comprises a news list page which has filtering by category and sub category. Each news article in the list shows an image, if available, and a brief extract from the article. The reader can then select 'Read More' to see the full article content.

There is no real limit to the number of articles that can be added - subject to a fair usage policy.

An example news list for this site can be seen here.

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Our content management systems (CMS) allow the website data and background functionality to be separated from the site's look and feel, allowing you to add and modify content in full knowledge that future changes to the style and design can be done without losing the content created.

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Our eCommerce solutions range from dozens to thousands of products with a range of payment and deliver options and features such as stock control and customisable delivery options. We can also create EBay shop sites to give even greater exposure for your products.

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All of our solutions are built around the need to provide the information search engines need to properly list and rank your site. So whether it is a CMS website or eCommerce platform we build in the tools to ensure your data and pages are presented to search engines in the most effective way.

Design is the key

Our database driven CMS system has a range of standard applications and a variety of standard features providing a flexible easy to use system. Modules can be customised where required, or new 'bolt on' applications rapidly created to suit your business needs.

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