cleartarn Website Development and Design Help

cleartarn Website Development and Design Help

Many website projects simply evolve over time and in doing so start to lose structure and impact. So if your site is reaching that stage or you are starting a brand new site below are a few things to consider at the outset which will hopefully help steer you through the process.

  • What type of website do you need?
  • Simple static site which will not have ongoing content changes
  • A regularly changing site
  • E-commerce site
  • Internal intranet site
  • Site with secure content
  • Website which will include technical calculations
  • Database website containing large volumes of data for download

Many sites will require a combination of these features, but having identified the key features then it is possible to start to close in on the type of solution which is most likely to meet your requirements.

Site Purpose and Value

Good questions to ask yourself at the outset of the website project are:

  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • How will the site add value to my business / organisation?
  • How can I add value or make life easier for the users visiting the website?
  • How can I get users to return to the site?
  • How can I get users to promote the site?

Target Audience

Website users can fall into many groups and it is important to be clear who the users will be as this will start to drive the style, presentation and content of the site.

  • Potential customers
  • Actual customers
  • Employees / staff
  • Other stakeholders – e.g. shareholders, suppliers, specifiers

Website User Demographics

Can the target website user group be clearly identified e.g.:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Locations
  • Other distinct user group demographics (interests, qualifications etc.)

Access Devices

If there is a clear view of the demographics of the users of the website then what is the preferred access rote to the internet for those users:

  • PC / Desktop / Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • Any new technologies on the horizon?


Many sites are designed to convey a clear and distinct message or series of messages to the website users. It is important to clearly identify these in the initial stages of the project as this will shape the content.

Search Terms and Links

How do you expect users to find your website:

  • Brand / Company name
  • Search terms (products, services etc.)
  • Links e.g. from social media
  • Publicity materials

Completing this step before you start to generate content for your website allows you to ensure that key search terms are built into your content from the outset.

Website Content

What information do you want to provide to users?

  • Sales information
  • Technical data
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Downloads and Uploads
  • Contact information, maps etc.
  • Legal requirements
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie notification

Style and Tone of the Website

Having been through the stages above, can you be clear about the style and tone of the site. Can you describe the flavour you wish to give to the sites various users. This will start to define the style of writing and images used. If your site is aimed at more than one target audience, you may wish to employ different styles for different parts of the site.

Ease of Access

Users of websites may have difficult reading or navigating around the site content. So it is worthwhile considering:

  • Text size, fonts and ability to change them
  • Text and background colours.
  • Audio and video sections
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple currencies
  • Automatic selection of different languages based on the users IP address

Website size

The size of the website should now start to become apparent, so consideration needs to be given to:

  • Number of users accessing the website at any one time
  • Space required for data, images, videos etc.
  • Is a database required for the content?
  • Is a high level programming language required to perform calculated technical content?
  • How will site content be backed up?


It is important to think about the budget for the project at the outset. Good planning and specification of the project will keep over runs to a minimum and sites designed ‘on the hoof’ tend to be the most expensive!

Costs can sometimes be reduced by creating your own in a form which can be easily added to the site and being clear about library structures for documents, images etc.


Large website projects can take a long time to upload the content once the site structure is created, so it may be worthwhile considering a large project in a series of phases. Particularly if you have specific deadlines for the availability of certain parts of the site.

Managing the New Website Project

Agreeing how you will monitor progress and ensure that the website design, structure and content are meeting your requirements is important. If possible a development server which is accessible by you, designers, programmers, content loader etc. is a good way of ensuring that if the project is beginning to deviate from the agreed plan it is identified as soon as possible.

cleartarn Experience

cleartarn has been involved in website specification and production for many years and we are able to bring that expertise to bear on each project to ensure that your website does achieve what you intend.


Content Management Websites bring control to your pages.

Our content management systems (CMS) allow the website data and background functionality to be separated from the site's look and feel, allowing you to add and modify content in full knowledge that future changes to the style and design can be done without losing the content created.

eCommerce means business

Our eCommerce solutions range from dozens to thousands of products with a range of payment and deliver options and features such as stock control and customisable delivery options. We can also create EBay shop sites to give even greater exposure for your products.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

All of our solutions are built around the need to provide the information search engines need to properly list and rank your site. So whether it is a CMS website or eCommerce platform we build in the tools to ensure your data and pages are presented to search engines in the most effective way.

Design is the key

Our database driven CMS system has a range of standard applications and a variety of standard features providing a flexible easy to use system. Modules can be customised where required, or new 'bolt on' applications rapidly created to suit your business needs.

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