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Bitly Links

Bitly links are shortened versions of website links. Everyone has seen the very long connection links that sometimes accompany emails and clickable images. Using Bitly links, these links (or URLs) can be shortened. Bitly links are particularly useful on printed materials if people are expected to type in the link or as links on social media sites such as Twitter where short links are essential.

Bitly links can be incorporated into any page produced by the cleartarn content management system. If you want to provide an immediate link for your customers to specific webpage content then this makes life very simple for them.

Bitly links can also be combined with QR codes to get your information where it needs to be - with your customers.

Bitly links can also form part of your SEO optimisation strategy. For more information how this can raise your website's rankings with search engines please contact cleartarn using our secure email page for a no obligations discussion.

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