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QR (or quick read) codes are two dimensional bar codes which provide instant links to your website page content. They are particularly useful on printed materials or public displays where potential customers can use their smart phone and a readily available free QR Code Reader app (application) to provide an instant link to your website page. A good example is for estate agents who display properties in their office window. With a QR code automatically generated for each property on the website and printed onto the property particulars, customers can quickly gather the details of properties that they are interested in to browse at their leisure later.

QR codes can be built in to the cleartarn content management system pages so that you can quickly copy and paste the QR code links into your printed materials.

QR codes can also contain contact information such as company name, telephone number, website, address etc. Most smartphone apps will automatically store the QR code contact information into the user's contact file getting your information where it needs to be - with your customers.

QR codes are unique identifiers, so they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications such as stock control, delivery tracking etc. you can even use QR codes with Bitly links!

QR codes are a great way of giving customers a Google map link to your premises, a website link or a stock identifier.

For more information about how QR codes can be integrated to give online access to your information, please contact us with your specific requirements.

read more about QR codes and Content Management Systems on the cleartarn website.

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