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Websites for New Businesses

Choosing a domain name and getting a website up and running are often a key early tasks for most new businesses and this can be done very cheaply with some of the hosting companies using template based websites with limited numbers of pages and the promise of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

These are good starting products, but actually do very little to raise a company’s profile. The reasons for this are that the search engines require good content, links to that content from other sources and meta data which is presented within the webpage to be pertinent to the page ...

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What next for Estate Agents’ Websites?

The launch of the Rightmove Real Time Data Feed, which enables Estate Agents to add properties to their websites and then immediately upload and publish the details on the Rightmove site, heralds a change in property marketing. There is a clear need in fast moving property markets to rapidly get new properties in front of potential buyers and the serious buyers will be expecting to get immediate notifications of properties which meet their requirements. The huge growth in the use of mobiles for data has been led by the younger generation and it is they that represent the inexorably growing ...

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Solutions for Windows XP Computers

What to do now support for Microsoft Windows XP has stopped?

As of today Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP this means that machines as young as five years old are no longer supported. So what are the options going forward?

Keep Calm and Carry on using XP?

XP may have worked well enough yesterday and if you do not access the internet at all using the computer running XP and it does not have access to a network that connects to the internet then it is safe to carry on using XP. However, the problem comes if you ...

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eCommerce Website Development Help

This summary is aimed at helping you to create an eCommerce website that adds real value to your business. This summary should help to identify some of the decision points to ensure that your site meets your objectives. For more information on delivering a website project please take a look at our Website Design Help. The full eCommerce Website Development Help can be viewed on this site.

The key headings to consider in your project can be summarised as follows:

  • Design and Speed
  • Product Selection
  • Product Display Pages
  • Product Options
  • Things Your eCommerce Site Should Have
  • Shopping Cart
  • Completing the ...

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Website Development Checklist

cleartarn has produced a Website Development Checklist to help people considering developing or purchasing a new website. The full detail of this checklist can be seen on this site at Website Help.

The main headings of the checklist are as follows, but a detailed explanation and help can be seen by following the link above.

  • Type of website required:
    • Simple static site which will not have ongoing content changes
    • A regularly changing site
    • E-commerce site
    • Internal intranet site
    • Site with secure content
    • Website which will include technical calculations
    • Database website containing large volumes of data for download
  • Site Purpose and ...

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Outsourcing your website

Creating and managing your own website is easy – right? Well, yes it is, but it also becomes a time consuming job as the business requirements change, technology moves on and the search engine rankings aren’t what they ought to be. So where do you go next?

The simple solution is to get a website company to design a new website and re-do all of the content adding in the new things and features that the business needs. Providing you choose the right company then hopefully they will continue to support you, suggest improvements to your site and keep checks ...

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Using your technical documents to promote your products

Many companies have a host of documents which need managing such as technical specifications, product guides, product manuals, installation guides, material safety data sheets (MSDS), safety data sheets (SDS), or product safety data sheets (PSDS).  We will refer to all drawings, pdfs, images, documents or any other file type as documents as the approach is similar for all of these information sources.

These documents are valuable business assets and they can be used to very good effect on your company’s website. How much time do your staff spend providing the information they contain to customers? Sometimes the same information ...

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Outgrown Your Free Website?

Free websites offered by many of the hosting companies are a great way to get an initial web presence. However, there comes a time when the functionality of the standard template systems offered and systems like WordPress begin to take more and more time to administer and never do quite what is needed. So what next?

We believe that content management systems are the way forward. They offer three major benefits

  1. The content can be easily modified by the site owner
  2. They separate the look and feel of the site from the actual data content
  3. Sophisticated modules can be added ...

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Disaster Recovery Plans

Many businesses ignore the creation of disaster recovery plans because they feel that they are too difficult and time consuming to create and would they be any use anyway?


For many businesses certain aspects of their activities can be easily dealt with by making sure that the IT systems are not only backed up properly, but are also accessible remotely in the event that the business is closed because of fire, flood, incident related closure.


The second item to consider is data security. That is, what would happen to the business if critical data e.g. accounts system, website, e-commerce ...

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Rightmove has 81 percent Market Share

So Rightmove have a reported 81% market share of the top three online property portals - a position which would seem unsustainable. The technology used by the property portals’ customers has changed (i.e. tablets and mobiles) and Rightmove have certainly invested in this through the new Real Time Data feed system. Many Agents have not recognised this change yet.

However, there is a new property portal on the horizon with a rather different business model. If that model helps Agents actually promote their own businesses under the umbrella of the portal then that could result in a market shift.

Cleartarn ...

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