Rightmove has 81 percent Market Share

So Rightmove have a reported 81% market share of the top three online property portals - a position which would seem unsustainable. The technology used by the property portals’ customers has changed (i.e. tablets and mobiles) and Rightmove have certainly invested in this through the new Real Time Data feed system. Many Agents have not recognised this change yet.

However, there is a new property portal on the horizon with a rather different business model. If that model helps Agents actually promote their own businesses under the umbrella of the portal then that could result in a market shift.

Cleartarn produces websites and feeds for all of the major property portals, so we don’t have a particular axe to grind, but we would suggest that in the medium term change is afoot – it is the younger generation’s purchasing methods which will increasingly determine the way the market shifts and Agents ignore them and their needs at their peril!

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