Outsourcing your website

Creating and managing your own website is easy – right? Well, yes it is, but it also becomes a time consuming job as the business requirements change, technology moves on and the search engine rankings aren’t what they ought to be. So where do you go next?

The simple solution is to get a website company to design a new website and re-do all of the content adding in the new things and features that the business needs. Providing you choose the right company then hopefully they will continue to support you, suggest improvements to your site and keep checks on its performance. This is what cleartarn aims to do and we will often suggest to companies that their website solution should be based around a content management system so that their own people can make changes to the site content too.

Dealing with search engine optimisation and search engine rankings is another matter. There are many paid solutions out there – the most obvious being paid Ad Words with the search engines themselves. There are also many companies that will offer to create a myriad of ‘back links’ to your site which will drive up your rankings. The search engines however are getting more sophisticated and when they detect this type of activity then they may black list your site. Trying to get your site off the black list then becomes a nightmare!

The key thing about websites is that they must have real content and that content should be regularly updated. At the same time there is opportunity to link content with social media etc. and get your customers to potentially link their site to your site for specific content. For many companies this becomes a single person’s role and that makes the company dependent on that person’s availability.

To solve this problem cleartarn offers a combined SEO, website and social media update service to keep feeding information such as news, product applications, projects etc. onto the various platforms. We develop a strategy with each customer to suit their business and this helps them to more systematically generate new content to go on the site.  Over time the company’s site rankings start to rise in the areas that it actually does business in and those rankings are based on real content – not false links and are therefore more sustainable. Customers using this service treat us as their internal web department and we work hard to make sure that we respond actively to their requests and business needs.

The costs of this are a lot less than you might imagine and a lot less than employing a person to do it for you! You also benefit from the collective knowledge of cleartarn and for clients that use this service we make it our business to continuously look for ways to improve their total web presence – and no that does mean a whole series of things to spend more money on!

If this approach sounds of interest, please contact us for a no obligation discussion of how this could work and add value for your business.

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