Website Development Checklist

cleartarn has produced a Website Development Checklist to help people considering developing or purchasing a new website. The full detail of this checklist can be seen on this site at Website Help.

The main headings of the checklist are as follows, but a detailed explanation and help can be seen by following the link above.

  • Type of website required:
    • Simple static site which will not have ongoing content changes
    • A regularly changing site
    • E-commerce site
    • Internal intranet site
    • Site with secure content
    • Website which will include technical calculations
    • Database website containing large volumes of data for download
  • Site Purpose and Value to the Organisation
  • Target Audience
  • Website User Demographics
  • Access Devices
  • Messages to be delivered
  • Search Terms and Links
  • Site Content
  • Style and Tone of the Website
  • Ease of Access
  • Website size
  • Budget
  • Project Timescales
  • Managing the new Website Project
  • How cleartarn experience can help

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