Websites for New Businesses

Choosing a domain name and getting a website up and running are often a key early tasks for most new businesses and this can be done very cheaply with some of the hosting companies using template based websites with limited numbers of pages and the promise of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

These are good starting products, but actually do very little to raise a company’s profile. The reasons for this are that the search engines require good content, links to that content from other sources and meta data which is presented within the webpage to be pertinent to the page and presented correctly. Our systems not only do this, but also do much of it automatically as new content is added.

Cleartarn also has a series of tools which it can utilise to compare websites to their competitors, to identify key phrases that other sites major on in their content and comparisons of how each site ranks on those terms with the search engines.

For new companies that have a new product to market or an eCommerce idea, cleartarn can bring its expertise to bear to ensure the best possible launch. We can not only show you how to integrate social media properly into your site, but the websites that we develop do not have limitations on the numbers of pages or content and we are continuously developing back office modules which can be added to give greater capability for managing not only your website, but also your business.

Cleartarn is happy to work with new businesses in innovative ways to reduce the upfront costs, but to ensure that the new business gets maximum benefit from the best website, eCommerce and search engine optimisation capability from day one. We know that a website partner directly interested in the success of your business is likely to deliver the best impact!

So, if you have a new business idea that you are trying to get off the ground, talk to us in strictest confidence and with no obligation – you’ll find that our experience in business is far deeper than just providing websites and you will be pleasantly surprised by what we do to help you start and profitably grow!

And, just in case we haven’t convinced you to call us yet here are just a few of (website) things we can do:

  • Domain name registration
  • Competitor analyses
  • Keyword generation and comparisons
  • Content generation
  • Website and eCommerce site design and building
  • Social media integration
  • Whole site spell checks and integrity checks
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Active content management – we can generate new content and keep your site and social media up to date
  • Custom modules for front end content to customers
  • Custom modules for back office systems and secure content



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