Providing Secure Data to Customers

There is a growing need for businesses to provide real time data to customers from their internal systems, not only to improve communications with customers, but also to reduce the number of telephone requests for information which could be provided more easily on line. Of course customers who need to speak to you will continue to do so, but where they simply need information many customers would prefer to ‘help themselves’.

For many businesses providing this information presents very serious security risks. Although current accounting information, copy invoices, delivery and production schedules are readily available internally, granting access to those systems presents very major problems. As soon as permission is granted through a business network firewall to access any internal data both the system being accessed and any other system or data on the company network is potentially at risk of corruption, theft or modification.

The correct and appropriate solution to this for many businesses is not to grant permission for external systems to access an internal network except by VPN. This approach controls who is accessing the system and is very workable for staff working remotely, but it is far too cumbersome both to administer or to provide to customers to access data.

Cleartarn has developed a number of systems which take data from internal systems and locate this in an isolated secure area. To gain access to the data external customers register on a portal website and, providing their registration is successful, data relevant to their account only is retrieved and displayed.

Safely providing data to customers

Data in the isolated secure area can be updated on a batch basis e.g. hourly, daily etc. or can be updated in real time and the portal itself is specific to your own company.

Because data is only sent out from the internal system (i.e. nothing is allowed to return) no pathway into the internal system or network is provided thus maintaining system security.

The modules that Cleartarn employs to provide these systems can be incorporated into a front end website and are customised to meet individual data structure requirements. We know that your accounts system or the information that you want to provide to your customers will be unique to your business, so we customise each implementation to meet your exact requirements and, as your needs change, the system can be modified to add and remove data provided with no impact to your internal systems.

Data can also be provided back from customers to your business e.g. a request to change a delivery date, but we ensure that returning data is not routed to and therefore cannot change your internal systems, thereby maintaining your data security.

If your products require technical calculations e.g. load carrying capabilities, power requirements etc. our systems can easily have technical modules added to provide these additional capabilities for your customers.

Using Cleartarn’s core system modules highly customised systems can be produced for a fraction of the cost of a fully custom solution.

For a no obligation discussion about what can be done in conjunction with your internal systems or to develop other web-based custom systems please contact us.

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