Getting Data to your Customers

Many businesses need to provide updates on repairs, production and delivery schedules, accounting information, staff and employment information and even provide methods of online payments. The problem for many businesses is that they have numerous internal IT systems which control these functions and they are not designed to allow customers to access them directly. There are also significant security risks and implications in allowing access to internal IT systems and most businesses simply could not accept these levels of risk.

Cleartarn has developed a highly flexible portal system which collects data exported from internal systems and allows customers to log on to a remote secure website to view their current information, to make payments and provide information etc. This allows companies to safely display and allow downloading of a huge variety of current and historic data for example:

  • Current accounts statements
  • Copy invoices
  • Production schedule updates
  • Production windows
  • Current stock levels
  • Repair progress
  • News and new product and services information
  • Technical information and downloads
  • Where required technical calculations can also be added for your products
  • Installation data
  • Customer specific data e.g. contact information, specific services etc.
  • Staff employment data and company policies

Essentially anything which can be exported as data or contained in files such as pdf’s, images, plans, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets can be displayed. The system can also track who has downloaded individual documents etc. - vital for safety information and employment documentation.

Portals can also be configured to allow customers to upload data files to the webserver (e.g. plans images etc.), thus isolating them from internal systems.

Providing customers with data which can be accessed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year has significant benefits and can often lead to significantly reduced calls to support departments and, needless to say, our portal can adopt your current website style and is configured to use on PCs, tablets and mobiles.

To discuss how the Cleartarn Portal System could improve your business please give us a call.

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