cleartarn Rightmove Real Time Data Feed

cleartarn Property Website and Rightmove* System


The cleartarn Property Website and Rightmove System is a self contained internet based content managed website and Rightmove property upload system which is controlled from any internet connected PC, tablet or phone.

The system has been purposely designed to integrate with Rightmove’s latest Real Time Data Feed, so that as soon as a property is ready to be published on your own website it can be sent to Rightmove individually or as part of a group of properties. The new Rightmove Real Time Data Feed allows considerably more attached files and information about the property to be uploaded to Rightmove and Rightmove expect uploaded properties to be published on their site within minutes. See the Demonstration site at: http://property.cleartarn.com/

cleartarn Website Content Management System


  • Easy to use webpage editing
  • Unlimited numbers of pages (fair usage policy applies)
  • News System
  • Contact form
  • Powerful page by page search engine optimisation features
  • Easy image management and re-sizing features

cleartarn Rightmove Real Time Data Feed Website Upload System


  • Unlimited numbers of properties (fair usage policy applies)
  • Multiple branch system
  • Multi user system
  • cleartarn Rightmove Real Time Data Upload system
  • Secure SSL connection to Rightmove
  • Single or multiple property uploads to Rightmove
  • Audit report of properties on website and Rightmove
  • Enlarged Rightmove data limits for photographs, videos, audio tours etc.
  • Attach photographs, floor plans, brochures etc. to the property or to any room
  • Controlled access for publishing properties, price changes etc,
  • Client instruction history record and Rightmove upload audit trail
  • Optional point of contact for each property
  • Auction management system
  • Automatic emailing system for:
  • User defined property updates
  • Newsletters
  • Auction catalogues
  • Residential sales, lettings, land and commercial properties
  • Attach standard documents (e.g. agency letting fees) to each property
  • Automatic generation of QR codes for window displays
  • Shortened links for each property for social media promotions
  • Properties displayed on Google maps
  • Links to:
  • Local school Ofsted Reports
  • Local amenities
  • Flood risk

Website Customer Convenience


  • Bespoke website design
  • Powerful property search capabilities
  • Automatic user controlled emailing of property details
  • Save search details
  • Create ‘Favourites’ list of properties
  • Email property details to others
  • Enquiry form email for each property
  • Create personalised online auction catalogues
  • Sign up for:
  • Property update emails
  • Newsletters
  • Auction catalogues

* Rightmove is a registered trademark of Rightmove PLC

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