Outgrown Your Free Website?

Free websites offered by many of the hosting companies are a great way to get an initial web presence. However, there comes a time when the functionality of the standard template systems offered and systems like WordPress begin to take more and more time to administer and never do quite what is needed. So what next?

We believe that content management systems are the way forward. They offer three major benefits

  1. The content can be easily modified by the site owner
  2. They separate the look and feel of the site from the actual data content
  3. Sophisticated modules can be added to give the functionality required

The cleartarn content management system runs on a Django server with a robust MySQL database holding the site data. The management of site content is completely separated from the look and feel of the pages. A good example of where this comes into its own is the changes that are being made to websites to include Responsive Designs so that the websites scale to suit the viewing device (e.g. PC, tablet or mobile).

With a cleartarn content managed site the new look and feel is put in front of the site and data is fed to it from the existing site content database. This makes it much easier to change the look and feel or in this case respond to new a completely new way of displaying the website without having to re-build the site – a major cost and time saving.

Over the years cleartarn has developed a huge range of modules which can be attached to the content management framework. These includes:

  • News system
  • Video system
  • Blog System
  • Gallery system
  • Property website system
  • Customer enquiry forms
  • Forms and testing module
  • Pages which require login
  • File download system including audit trails
  • etc.

Because the whole system is written in the Python programming language it opens up a huge range of possibilities for adding on custom modules. Over the years cleartarn has developed specific on line systems for use by either an organisation’s customers or by its own staff. A few examples are:

  • Structural engineering calculations
  • Estimating systems
  • Customer relations management systems
  • Personnel related systems
  • Time recording systems
  • Document management systems
  • etc.

Because custom modules can be added to the MYSQL database at any time, this allows an organisation to gradually develop its website over time to give greater and greater functionality. Where a customer requires a module which cleartarn wish to offer as a standard module then our policy is to develop that module and sell it at the ‘package price’ making this a very attractive way of creating custom modules at a fraction of the price of a normal development.

Because of the speed of development that the Django Framework allows systems that would normally have taken months cam  be implemented and fully tested in weeks and because our development servers are online, customers can test and inspect their system at any time during the implementation to ensure it is meeting their exact requirements.

Our approach is simple: we deliver websites that mean business backed by first rate ongoing support.

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