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Using your technical documents to promote your products

Many companies have a host of documents which need managing such as technical specifications, product guides, product manuals, installation guides, material safety data sheets (MSDS), safety data sheets (SDS), or product safety data sheets (PSDS).  We will refer to all drawings, pdfs, images, documents or any other file type as documents as the approach is similar for all of these information sources.

These documents are valuable business assets and they can be used to very good effect on your company’s website. How much time do your staff spend providing the information they contain to customers? Sometimes the same information ...

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Latest Website System for Estate Agents

cleartarn's Property Management Content Managed Website system provides probably the most complete package of software for Estate Agents currently available. The multi branch, multi user system allows the creation of property pages on the website with sophisticated search engine optimisation built into the system and automatically implemented as pages are created.

The system has a host of new innovative features including QR Codes and short Bitly links for each property, together with precise Google mapping and Google Street View location.

cleartarn's Property Website system allows direct tweeting of property details, automated mailings based on user selection together with ...

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cleartarn Rightmove Real Time Data Feed

cleartarn Property Website and Rightmove* System


The cleartarn Property Website and Rightmove System is a self contained internet based content managed website and Rightmove property upload system which is controlled from any internet connected PC, tablet or phone.

The system has been purposely designed to integrate with Rightmove’s latest Real Time Data Feed, so that as soon as a property is ready to be published on your own website it can be sent to Rightmove individually or as part of a group of properties. The new Rightmove Real Time Data Feed allows considerably more attached files and information ...

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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the current 'in thing' for web sites? So what is it and is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation is a series of tasks some of which only need to be done once through to an ongoing series of activities to position and maintain a brand within the search engine and social media 'universe'.

At a simple level every web site should be constructed so that it presents its public content to search engines in the most effective way to raise the site's profile. This involves both the content of the site and the ...

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cleartarn CMS Bitly Links

Bitly Links

Bitly links are shortened versions of website links. Everyone has seen the very long connection links that sometimes accompany emails and clickable images. Using Bitly links, these links (or URLs) can be shortened. Bitly links are particularly useful on printed materials if people are expected to type in the link or as links on social media sites such as Twitter where short links are essential.

Bitly links can be incorporated into any page produced by the cleartarn content management system. If you want to provide an immediate link for your customers to specific webpage content then this makes ...

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Website developers in Telford and the Midlands

Whether you are looking for a website development company in Telford, the West Midlands or throughout the U.K. cleartarn works on line with its clients to keep our costs to a minimum and our service we believe as second to none.

So if you are looking for a new website, e-commerce site or ebay store or need advice or modifications to an existing website give us a call for a no obligation discussion about your requirements. We are certain you won't be disappointed.

For more information about our services please visit:

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Quality Check Your Website using W3C

There are lots of web development tools and even more companies who produce websites. So with SEO rankings, do I or don't I use flash, plus all the conflicting advice available, how do you check how good your website is or how good the websites of your website company are?

Two very simple tests you can complete on any website are available from W3C, W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. Follow the link to read more about their work. They describe themselves as follows:

"The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organisations, a ...

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Creating Metatags on the cleartarn CMS system

Title Metatag

The title of your web page carries the most importance with search engines. Don't waste this by using something like "Home"! The title metatag should be below 60 characters and include your most important keywords first, if you have a company trademark or trading style then you might want to add this to your description and keywords list too.

Description Metatag

This tag is often used by search engines to obtain a description of the web page. It may not affect your ranking, but it is the description that search engines such as Google put in the ...

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Metatags that can seriously damage your business

Although it may not be illegal to include competitor's registered trademarks in your Metatag list, it is likely to give rise to a potential lawsuit and claims for damages.

Metatags are used by search engines to identify key words and phrases which help to drive traffic to your website. It may be tempting to include the names of all of your competitors so that anyone searching for their company also gets your business in the listings. This is a very bad plan! Any traffic which comes to your site as a result of this opens your company up to ...

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