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Creating Metatags on the cleartarn CMS system

Title Metatag

The title of your web page carries the most importance with search engines. Don't waste this by using something like "Home"! The title metatag should be below 60 characters and include your most important keywords first, if you have a company trademark or trading style then you might want to add this to your description and keywords list too.

Description Metatag

This tag is often used by search engines to obtain a description of the web page. It may not affect your ranking, but it is the description that search engines such as Google put in the ...

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Metatags that can seriously damage your business

Although it may not be illegal to include competitor's registered trademarks in your Metatag list, it is likely to give rise to a potential lawsuit and claims for damages.

Metatags are used by search engines to identify key words and phrases which help to drive traffic to your website. It may be tempting to include the names of all of your competitors so that anyone searching for their company also gets your business in the listings. This is a very bad plan! Any traffic which comes to your site as a result of this opens your company up to ...

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